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Healthy Well-Being

Over 90% patients say the pain lessens immediately after a treatment . And they feel physically lighter, looser in their muscles and more mentally at ease. 


Therapists Who Care

We are specialized in treating the following diseases.

  • Various types of chronic pain including sciatica/ leg pain/ lower back pain/ shoulder pain/ neck pain/ joints pain/ sport injury/ cramps/ trigeminal/ arthritis/ gout/ headaches/insomnia/sore throat/ sequelae of car accident ....
  • Various types of skin disease including wart/ pimples/ rashes/ eczema/ psoriasis/ dermatitis....


alternative treatment

  Alternative (acupoint) treatment is a manual therapy developed in ancient Chinese medical concepts, uses mankind's most ancient medical tools- the human hand to treat the patient using a holistic approach that stimulates the body's own natural self-healing powers to correct imbalances and effect a cure from within.

Acupoint therapists can detect variations subtle responses in the person's condition and then apply pressure on the acupoints. Those pressure have a deep effect on the inner body so it can improve physical and mental well being.

The treatment usually works very well. ESPECIALLY VARIOUS TYPES OF CHRONIC PAIN.


what to expect on your first visit

Your appointment will begin with filling out a medical health history form. This allows the therapist to better understand your past and current health and any contraindications to massage therapy. Following which you will have a short questionnaire to allow the therapist to better understand your condition, allow for questions from both parties and come up with a treatment that will most suit your condition


How often can I have alternative treatment?

Alternative treatment benefits each person differently, depending on their condition when they are treated, as well as their pre-existing medical and hereditary conditions.

  • For general health maintenance, patients are advised to have a treatment with a acupoint therapist as often as once a week or at least once every three weeks.
  • Acute diseases require 3-5 continuous alternative treatments before the acute symptoms can be clearly eliminated, and then recuperate treatment is performed weekly or monthly.
  • Chronic diseases generally require alternative treatment 5-10 times, 1-3 times weeks, before the condition can be treated more stable , and then recuperate treatments is performed weekly or monthly.    


Cupping therapy is an ancient method of alternative treatment in which a therapist puts specially-made glass cups on your skin for 10-20 minutes to create suction. In general, cupping marks  should look normal again within 7-10 days.

People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well being. It's a type of deep tissue massage.

Cupping therapy can remove harmful substances from the body to promote healing.


 1) After cupping,  NO SHOWER within 6-8 hours.

 2) KEEP WARM. Cupping marks should NOT be exposed to wind and cold.      




Reflexology is based on stress-relieved purpose. Any mile discomfort after a long day of work or exercise can be soothed easily with the hands of our skilled therapists.  


TrEATMENT Prices (Tax incl.)

Alternative(Acupoint) Treatment

- $32 / 15 min

- $55 / 30 min

- $80 / 60 min

Fire Cupping

- $50 / Time

Reflexology Deluxe 

(45 min Foot Massage + 15 min Upper Body)

- $68 / 60 min

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

- $57.75 / 45 min

combo special

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